Sabtu, 24 Maret 2012

kepanjangan dari singkatan Afk, lol, lmao n etc

Diposkan oleh Saraya Nacinda di 20.52
 selama ini mungkin para gamers dan orang" lain masih belum mengerti dari singkatan" yang sekarang lagi NgeTREND, jadi gue kasih tau deh nih
cekidottt :

AFAIK -- As Far As I Know.

AFK -- Away From Keyboard.

ASAP -- As Soon As Possible.

BAS -- Big A** Smile.

B4 --Before.

BBL -- Be Back Later.

BBN -- Bye Bye Now.

BBS -- Be Back Soon.

BEG -- Big Evil Grin.

BF -- Boyfriend.

BIBO -- Beer In, Beer Out.

BRB -- Be Right Back.

BTW -- By The Way.

BWL -- Bursting With Laughter.

C&G -- Chuckle and Grin.

CICO -- Coffee In,Coffee Out.

CID -- Crying In Disgrace.

CNP -- Continued (in my) Next Post.

CP -- Chat Post(a chat message).

CRBT -- Crying Real Big Tears

CSG -- Chuckle Snicker Grin.

CYA -- See You (Seeya).

CYAL8R -- See You Later (Seeyalata).

CUL8R -- See You Later.

DLTBBB -- Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite.

EG -- Evil Grin.

EMSG -- Email Message.

FC -- Fingers Crossed.

FTBOMH -- From The Bottom Of My Heart.

FYI -- For Your Information.

FWIW -- For What It's Worth.

GAL -- Get A Life.

GF -- Girlfriend.

GFN -- Gone For Now.

GMBA -- Giggling My Butt Off.

GMTA -- Great Minds Think Alike.

GR8 -- Great.

GTSY -- Glad To See You.

H&K -- Hug and Kiss.

HABU -- Have A Better 'Un.

HAGN -- Have A Good Night.

HAGU -- Have A Good 'Un.

HHIS -- Hanging Head in Shame.

HUB -- Head Up Butt.

IAE -- In Any Event.

IC -- I See.

IGP --I Gotta Pee.

IMNSHO -- In My Not So Humble Opinion.

IMO -- In My Opinion.

IMCO -- In My Considered Opinion.

IMHO -- In My Humble Opinion.

IOW -- In Other Words.

IRL -- In Real Life.

IWALU -- I Will Always Love You.

IWO -- In Other Words.

JMO -- Just My Opinion.

JTLYK -- Just To Let You Know.

KIT -- Keep In Touch.

KOC -- Kiss On Cheek.

KOL -- Kiss On Lips.

L8R -- Later.

L8R -- G8R Later 'Gater.

LHM -- Lord Help Me.

LHO -- Laughing Head Off.

LHU -- Lord Help Us.

LMAO -- Laughing My A$$ Off.

LMSO -- Laughing My Socks Off.

LTNS -- Long Time No See.

LOL -- Laugh Out Loud.

LSHMBB -- Laughing So Hard My Belly is Bouncing.

LSHMBH -- Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts.

LSHTTARDML -- Laughing So Hard The Tears Are Running Down My Leg.

LTNS -- Long Time No See.

LTS -- Laughing To Self.

LUWAMH -- Love You With All My Heart.

LY -- Love Ya.

MTF -- More To Follow.

NRN -- No Reply Necessary.

NADT -- Not A Darn Thing.

OIC -- Oh, I See.

OL -- Old Lady (significant other).

OM -- Old Man (significant other).

OTOH -- On The Other Hand.

OTTOMH -- Off The Top of My Head.

PDS -- Please Don't Shoot.

PITA -- Pain In The Ass.

PM -- Private Message

PMFJI -- Pardon Me For Jumping In.

PMP -- Peed My Pants.

POAHF -- Put On A Happy Face.

QSL -- Reply QSO -- Conversation.

QT -- Cutie.

ROFL -- Rolling On Floor Laughing.

ROFLAPMP -- ROFL And Peeing My Pants.




ROFLUTS ROFL -- Unable to Speak.

RTFM -- Read The Fucking Manual!.

SETE -- Smiling Ear To Ear.

SHID -- Slaps Head In Disgust.

SNERT -- Snot-Nosed Egotistical Rude Teenager.

SO -- Significant Other.

SOT -- Short Of Time.

SOTMG -- Short Of Time Must Go.

SWAK -- Sealed With A Kiss.

SWAS -- Scientific Wild A** Guess.

SWL -- Screaming with Laughter.

SYS -- See You Soon.

TA -- Thanks Again.

TGIF -- Thank God It's Friday.

TCOY -- Take Care Of Yourself.

TILII -- Tell It Like It Is.

TNT -- Till Next Time.

TOY -- Thinking Of You.

TTFN -- Ta Ta For Now.

TTYL -- Talk To You Later.

WAS -- Wild Ass Guess.

WB -- Welcome Back.

WTH -- What/Who The Heck/Hell (or sub an 'F' for the 'H'.

YBS -- You'll Be Sorry.

YG -- Young Gentleman.

YL -- Young Lady YM -- Young Man.

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